We undertake complex enhancement projects focusing on building, civil engineering and environmental improvement works, with the unique ability to provide and manage all the works activities required without major contractor overheads. Our team of Engineers and Managers are all registered with relevant professional bodies. They adhere to industry best practices and professionalism which ensure there are no compromises on job standards and design quality.

Comprehensive electrical engineering, procurement, installation, commissioning, maintenance, operations and management of a full range of electrical systems,
▪ Power generation (IPP)
▪ Distribution and Retail (DISCO)
▪ Decentralized electrification (replicable business models)
▪ Extra high, high and medium voltage transmission and distribution systems
▪ Internal electrical services in public, private and commercial facilities
▪ Industrial electrical wiring and installations
▪ Street, premises, flood and arena lighting systems
▪ Relays, voltage regulators, motor controls, switchgears, lightning protection and more
▪ Turbines, compressors and generators